Welcome to the inspiring the everyday blog, a blog dedicated to everyday beautiful and delicious food. I am Michael. And as far back as I can remember food has always been my rhythm. This blog is a journal of all of my recipes from my little kitchen.

Why inspiring the everyday you ask? I started this blog as an online journal where I can write and share a way of food that is not only delicious, but vibrant and beautiful. Here are the recipes I love to eat and feel good about eating them. We eat first with our eyes, and then savor to satisfy our hunger. My blog is about fresh food, the beauty of what food is and enjoying life.

Beyond the cooking, I style and photograph everything on this blog. I had no idea when I first started this blog how much I would fall in love with food photography. It makes me grin from ear to ear when the photography started to evolve, personally and creatively, and continues to be a fun adventure.

-About the Recipes:

The world of food photography is vast, subjective and dreamy. I do prefer a natural food styling style, everything used to present these recipes are edible and from the recipes themselves. I like to show what a dish looks like when it is prepared with a few tweaks here and there; a few leaves of herbs and maybe a spritz of water.

I use fresh, organic and local food whenever possible, some I grow myself. Certainly a trip to the farmer’s market is like a kid in a candy store for me, who knows what might happen.

As a lover of color, I play around with whatever natures has to offer, keeping things as natural as possible and creating eye catching dishes. My vision, my dream? The end result should be inspiring to those who love to cook!

-Frequently Asked Questions:

Why gluten-free?

Though I am not diagnosed with having any gluten allergies, I discovered through experimenting through diet to deal with a few issues I have been having. When I removed most of the gluten from my diet, I felt better. More and more days without aches and pains, migraines and tiredness followed. So here I am baking up gluten-free treats and feeling good about it.

What products do you use for your recipes?

While I stick to fresh local food when available, organic products are ones I will most likely use in my recipes. Whole organic eggs, European style butter and good quality products I think are a must. Most recipes use ingredients that are easy to find.

I have tried your recipes and they don’t turn out quite right? Can I contact you for advice?

Absolutely! Those are my favorite emails to receive. I can’t account for such variables in someone else’s kitchen. Some recipes are more temperamental that others, so feel free to email me about your questions.

What camera and/or lenses do you use for your photography?

Since the start of this blog, I shoot with a Nikon D80 camera and use mostly a 100mm macro lense.


I love comments and feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at michaelmatthewp@gmail.com and if you like what you see than take a moment to subscribe!

Thanks for visiting this little blog.